Granny's Garden

As many of you know, Charity's Grandma Howard always has a terrific garden every year. In fact, I will try to find some pictures of it, it is really unbelievable. Many people ask her how she does it. As a result, she has written out her instructions that she follows and here they are:

Sometime before the 15th of March find a well-drained spot of ground. Be sure it is not too low. Don't break the ground and if the grass is high, mow it down real short.

Now, get a bag of triple 15 fertilizer and a roll of 4 mil black plastic. Any size will do, it just depends on what size you want your garden to be. Dulsie uses 15'x25', which makes a huge garden.

After the grass has been mowed, put down a half bag of fertilizer on the ground really thick. Then lay the black plastic on top of it, weighing it down with bricks, rocks, landscape timbers, or whatever you have to keep it from blowing away. Let this stand until after Good Friday or until all frost and freeze is over. Now, take a knife and cut an X in the plastic wherever you want to plant something. Fold the area you cut back and set the plant in the ground. You don't have to feed the plants, water them, or weed them. They take care of themselves until it is time to reap the harvest. All you have to do it keep the weeds around the edge of the plastic down.

Special Note: Squash should be set on the edge of the plastic or remove plastic from around squash when there are small squash on the plant.

Here you have it, the instructions to grow a fabulous garden. This is awesome for peppers, tomatoes (she has tomato plants over 6 feet tall), and most other garden plants. Don't be suprized of you end up with more than you can eat!

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