I guess the biggest news in our family is our house. We recently purchased a three bedroom, two bath house just two blocks from where I grew up. It has sits on just over an acre of land with about 25 trees, many of which are mature. There is one unfinished room in the house which will be made into a fourth bedroom. We are real excited about it. If you want to see it, just check out the pictures by clicking the pictures link. Also, if you want to see it in person, feel free to call us and let us know.

We were quite busy before moving into the new house, but now we are busier than ever. Charity still homeschools the boys and I am traveling more with work now, so time at home is precious. Unfortunately, it never seems like there is enough. The Charity and the boys are learning HTML, so you will soon get to see some of their works.

That is all for now, have a great day!

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